• When can I get the UDU CONSOLE?

    We know that you're excited, and as we are. We're a Danish startup preparing to launch UDU CONSOLE on a Kickstarter campaign in Summer 2022. Sign up for our newsletter to get a handsome 40% early-bird discount when the console is available for purchase.

  • How does the UDU CONSOLE make kids more active?

    Kids have to move around with their UDU CONSOLE to control our awesome games. Let's say that they have chosen UDU's RPG game "Realm of UDU". To play the game, kids have to GO outdoors, walk around, and find the Elemental Monsters. To battle the monsters, they have to use their game assets (swords, axes and much more). With the UDU CONSOLE they have to perform specialized movements and swings, and with that, level up and become the ultimate monster layers. You should try it - It feels incredible!

  • What is HD Haptic feedback?

    The "High Definition" Haptics feedback is our ultra-cool tech that allows players to feel 1:1 what is happening in the game. The technology is called a "Responsive Voice Coil Actuator" and works kind of like a speaker but without sound. Instead, it makes it possible for the human hand to feel even the most complex vibrations, e.g., the difference between a hammer hitting breaking stones and a hammer hitting a tree.

  • How do we access the games?

    Once you get your console, download the UDU Games platform on Apple App Store and Android Games and access all our games. All the games will be in the UDU Games app in a subscription system. Early birds will get a free subscription for a period depending on the backing amount.

  • Who is the UDU CONSOLE for?

    Anyone can use the console and play the UDU games, but we've designed the first UDU CONSOLE games for kids between 6 and 14 years old. They are set to go as long as they have a smartphone and 3G, 4G, or 5G internet connection!

  • Where can the UDU CONSOLE be used?

    Everywhere. Kids can play at home, outdoors, and in urban areas - But we don't recommend going for a dive or hiking up Mt. Everest in any weather. The console is water repellent, not waterproof.

  • Is the UDU CONSOLE safe?

    We've invested heavily into making this product as safe and available as possible. We've selected high-quality, robust, water-repellent materials for the console and constructed a socially secure games platform with age-appropriate play experiences.

  • What kind of experiences does the UDU CONSOLE provide?

    Fun and active ones, of course. Our games platform is in constant motion. Kids will be able to choose many different kinds of adventures, explorations, and experiences where they can become heroes, artists, builders, archers, and so much more.