Pre-order Agreement

Pre-order Agreement

Pre-order Agreement

This Preorder Agreement (these "Terms" or "Preorder Terms") governs the placement of a preorder with UDU ApS. ("UDU" or "we" or "us") for our hardware offerings (the "Controller" or "Offerings"). Please read these Preorder Terms carefully before submitting your Preorder. By submitting your Preorder, you agree to be legally bound by these terms.

1. Product Overview: UDU has developed the UDU Controller and other hardware offerings (our "Offerings"). Proceeds from our preorder process are intended to fund the manufacturing and distribution of our Offerings.

2. Monthly Updates: UDU is committed to providing regular updates on the manufacturing and development progress of our Offerings, with updates available at email update.

3. Expected Lead Times: The expected lead time to manufacture our Controller and other Offerings is significant. We anticipate the first units to be shipped by August 2024, but delays are possible, and most Controllers may ship at least before November 2024. While we aim to meet these estimates, uncertainties in the production process can result in delays.

4. Delays & Risks: Developing and producing new hardware technologies, such as the UDU Controller, carries inherent risks. To mitigate these risks, we have a team with experience in hardware and manufacturing. Our firmware engineering team has demonstrated device stability in pre-mass production runs.

However, we acknowledge the potential for unexpected challenges, including supply chain issues or certification delays, which could lead to delays in production and shipping.

5. Delivery Time not Guaranteed: We will make every effort to produce your selected Offering within our estimated lead times. However, delivery timing depends on various factors, including full payment date, our manufacturing schedule, operational availability, and execution of the Final Sales Agreement. We cannot guarantee a specific delivery date for your preorder.

6. Changes: The Preorder Agreement displayed on our website may change for future customers. However, the terms of this Preorder Agreement will be fixed for orders on the date of full payment.

If UDU proposes material changes to this Preorder Agreement for outstanding purchasers who have submitted full payment, we will email them with the proposed changes and provide a 30-day period to request a full payment refund. Failure to request a refund within 30 days will be considered consent to the new terms.

7. Product Specifications: Due to supply issues, our Controller's specifications may change slightly or significantly during manufacturing. Changes in product specifications are not grounds for order cancellation or a full payment refund.

8. Controller Configuration: It's important to note that we may not have completed the development or manufacturing of the Controller at the time of your Preorder. UDU's hardware and software specifications are subject to change at any time. Available features may not be finalized and are subject to change, even after initial announcements. By agreeing to this Preorder Agreement, you acknowledge that the Controller's configuration may evolve.

9. Pricing: The pricing for the UDU Controller as of the Preorder launch date ([Launch Date]) is as follows:

  • Solo Pack (1 controller): USD 99

  • Friends Pack (2 controllers): USD 179

  • Family Pack (3 controllers): USD 239

  • Dev Pack (2 controllers with special accesses): USD 219

All packs during the launch (until 1st July 2024 come with a lifetime free subscription to UDU Games platform.

Future Controller pricing is subject to change and will be reflected on our website.

10. Taxes, Customs, & Duties: While prices include tax some countries may be liable to additional taxes or custom duties which are not covered by UDU.

11. Shipping: Free standard shipping is included in all packs.

12. No Obligation: Each Preorder you submit for an Offering serves as a deposit for a future purchase. You are not obligated to make a purchase, and we may decline Preorders to manage demand as we see fit. If your Preorder is declined, you will be notified, and your Preorder payment will be refunded. We are not obliged to supply you with our Offering. To complete the purchase, you will need to execute UDU's standard final Purchase Agreement ("Final Sales Agreement"), which will include additional terms and conditions, including the final price sheet for the Offering you choose ("Your Selected Offering"). Additional payment for Your Selected Offering, including taxes and fees, will be required at that time.

13. Cancellation/Return/Refund: You may return the Controller and request a refund within 15 days after receiving it by sending an email from the address you used to make the preorder to . You will receive your refund within approximately 30 business days after the return is delivered to us or our designated agent. For more details please refer to our Refunds and Returns Policy.

14. Last Review: 6th March 2024. Copenhagen (Denmark)